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With another year drawing to a close, I'm once again looking back at the first sentence of the first post here for each month. This year, I kept this journal going to the point where the odometer of "post URLs" rolled over to the three hundred thousands, still less than many other journals of course.

January: I often suppose one part of what motivates me to seek out information about the computers of the 1980s, one particular subject among a good many others, is the sense I was around at the time but not quite aware of a lot of things outside the amiable corner of the Radio Shack Color Computer.

February: I've mentioned before the interest I've taken in the anime series "From the New World."

March: Reactions unfolded one after the other for me off a bit of news that a Kickstarter-funded project to make miniature Robotech models for an RPG wargame had run out of all the money I remembered seeing it had raised and wouldn't ship everything promised.

April: In the three months that closed last year, I managed to take an immediate interest in some new anime series being shown through online streaming and watched all the way through them with enjoyment.

May: Ever since happening on the period "making of The Empire Strikes Back" book, contemporaneous with the movie itself, in a nearby used book store, I've known "May the Fourth be with you" was proclaimed outside of "fannish" contexts (or at least, I halfway want to think, before the bundle of arch attitudes that seem tied up with them but just happen to leave me uncertain about embracing them too tight had filtered into those wider contexts) back when just one Star Wars movie was complete.

June: The news Netflix would allow more episodes of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 revival to be made had seemed sufficient in itself, but an announcement from Joel Hodgson that taping of those new episodes was about to begin seemed a small but pleasant waypoint at first glance.

July: For the third season in a row, I was attracted enough by the first descriptions of and reports on several new anime series being streamed on official services I already have subscriptions for to watch "with everyone else."

August: Reading an official, "made in Japan" manga of the American "anime-esque" production RWBY more or less left me thinking of that old, acquired-through-experience suspicion that "manga based on" get assigned to artists who can't manage original works of their own, the that much more unfortunate flip side of the undercurrent of criticism of anime made from manga.

September: On finishing a first cautious effort at trying some "boys' love" manga, I'd supposed I would then get to the lone other title in the genre I'd made previous plans to read and that would be all for the moment; to make too big a deal of this here or anywhere, anyway, seems sort of ridiculous at the very best.

October: At the start of the three months just past, I had one more dose of a very particular sort of good fortune in deciding some more new anime series sounded interesting enough to watch streaming.

November: All too often these days I think "I should read more prose fiction" only to seize up between the likely-false dichotomy of supposing anything that would qualify as "respectable literature" would just go over my head even as I sweat and struggle to get through it and then thinking many other things "beneath my talents."

December: It might have been just possible the thought of upgrading what computers I have that can run macOS Mojave didn't intimidate me as much as it could have the last few times around.
See you in the new year!

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