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Five of the six movies in the latest series of Mystery Science Theater 3000 were revealed a little while before they went up on Netflix by a British ratings classification site. Some of the titles got my attention because I'd heard at least a bit about their reputations before. As I've already said, I'd seen "MAC and Me" described as an "E.T. ripoff with even more product placement" years ago. For the second episode of "The Gauntlet," though, having heard about the title not quite as many years ago had me wondering just a bit about how things would turn out, and without happening to notice a perhaps overwrought reaction from someone else.
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There was another long wait for the last chapters to be drawn and collected, a wait for that final volume to be translated and available in print (it was released "digitally" months earlier, but as I already had the thirteen previous volumes on a bookshelf I decided I could wait out the extra months and avoid "buying it twice"), a wait to see if the local bookstore would get copies in, and at last a wait for the copy I ordered to arrive at the bookstore, but approaching two decades after I first heard about the anime I had the concluding instalment of the Neon Genesis Evangelion manga... and as I started into it, I was wondering if, with the way the penultimate volume had been shaped, after all the interesting and perhaps sometimes even "more positive" changes rung over the manga's full length on the original anime things would converge after all on one ending that had long seemed oppressive and bleak and I'd just have to deal with it.
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A while ago, I commemorated the tenth anniversary of a notable MSTing and then took the opportunity not that much later to mark the same anniversary for the first "solo MSTing" I'd written. I did write a few more MSTings after "Undocumented Features," but marking each of their tenth anniversaries did seem a bit grandiose. Now, though, it's been ten years since the last MSTing I completed going by the date stamp on my personal file of it, which does feel a bit more significant in its own if somewhat dowmbeat way. In accepting the opportunity, though, I did get to thinking I could say something brief about each of my solo MSTings preceding it anyway.
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As the new year started, I had a new plan for how to keep chipping away at the heap of anime DVDs and Blu-Rays I've managed to pile up. Where I'd spent most of last year picking out "sequels" and "spinoffs," now I was beginning to think of how I'd bought some series on disc and then, before getting to them, also begun picking up their manga versions with the thought they'd continue the story beyond what had been animated. However, also thinking manga might look "better drawn" or be "less toned down" than the anime does keep me from reading it until I've put in the more considerable investment of time necessary to watch the anime, and as volumes piled up I did get to feeling the stakes of finding out I didn't quite care for a story in the first place were rising. I therefore decided that this year I'd start off concentrating on the series I had both anime and manga for. Then, though, the conviction also hit me I can't let all the things still to be opened quite defeat me when it comes to going back to things every once in a while.
An imposed nostalgic return: Golion )
Starting to work towards manga: Highschool of the Dead )
A theatrical side note: Evangelion 3.0 )
More on its own: Sweet Blue Flowers )
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It's been quite a while since I first bought the first volume of the Neon Genesis Evangelion manga, back when anime came on VHS tapes (and they seemed too expensive for a university student like me, especially given I'd have to buy thirteen of them to get the whole series) and manga came in trade paperbacks, art mirrored and retouched to make it more like comics as everyone thought of them. Since then, I've managed to get all of the anime series on DVD and bought the first volumes of the manga over again when they were reissued to match more modern, cheaper ways of publishing the stuff, but the manga is still unfinished even with the latest volume just out.

Of course, with the manga's artwork by the character designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto himself, the manga can't be easily dismissed one of those knocked-off adaptations of an original anime meant for the cheapskates who won't buy it on home video. It's also been different enough to seem distinct from the anime, even if there I'm always left admitting MSTings of ridiculous Evangelion fanfics have left me willing to handle less extravagant departures from the hard truths of the series. With the previous volume having moved into adapting The End of Evangelion, though, I am left to face my uncertainties about that movie that, while the original television episodes may have confronted people with the series really being about the built-in problems of the characters and not just their struggles against external forces, the movie leaves me with the hard-to-shake feeling that the characters are belittled by forces they weren't aware of before and aren't capable of stopping in the slightest.
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Every so often I get to thinking I should be reading more fiction I haven't read before; I can feel bad wondering if I'm just plain "intimidated" by literature, and melancholy that I don't even keep up with recent "genre" works. It took somehow or other overhearing a long-unfinished "fanfiction" series had been completed at last to remind me my reading habits there had fallen off as well from the days when, after much anticipation, I first got online and, in those text-heavy "dialup" days, fanfiction was one thing I sought out. It's easy enough to come up with reasons why: I can wonder if back then stories based on visual works were somehow a "substitute for the real thing" that nowadays I can easily afford, and also if, glutted with DVDs, I prefer not to get engaged with stories to the point of seeking out the developed thoughts of others in part because I suffer from "suspicions" about fandom "losing track of enjoying what they started off interested in." I suppose I could also admit MSTings had something to do with it; thinking back, it seemed easy enough to develop or even share in a superiority complex where we enlightened few saw right through the half-tossed word salad of everyone else. As much as I lament the atomisation of the "MSTing community" (even as I wonder if there are pockets of "snarkiness" hidden within multiple fandoms), I do want to think my perspective's become a little broader and perhaps even a little more self-aware (even if I've also perhaps decided my interest in Mystery Science Theater 3000 isn't a matter of "mocking (just about) everything.") As well, as I alluded to, just the number of extended works their writers seemed to lose interest in before I did might have had something to do with it.
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When I heard that the second "Rebuild of Evangelion" movie was coming to a theatre near me just as the first one had, I decided I would go and see it as well. Memories of anime club showings at university accompanied me, and it did seem to be something of a "college-age crowd" there, which left me remembering how I'd first learned of Evangelion from the anime club's newsletter magazine, complete with somewhat inaccurate backstory.

The showing was once again via a Blu-Ray disc, and I can understand that given the cost of making film prints for one-time showings all at one time. This time around, though, I might have started wondering if I could see the picture was less impressive than an actual movie. There was a surprise on the audio side, though, because we got the Japanese language version with subtitles (although the first few lines of dialogue are in English, which left people guessing for those opening moments...) A few people were vocal in their appreciation of that; but even as I wondered if a part of me had been "bracing" myself beforehand for the "dub," another part of me was left wondering what the dub would have sounded like. It's just possible the subtitles were drawing my attention away from the rest of the big picture. Still, the DVD will be out before too long, and I already have a preorder in for it...

Beyond the minutiae, I do have to admit I'd already seen a "fansub" of the movie (as had others who informed the audience to not leave when the credits, still in Japanese, started rolling), and my reactions may have been in general terms. I do wonder about the whole "Evangelion as blockbuster movie" experience, even as I try not to reject it any more than the original. At the same time, I do think back to the "anime MSTings" of Evangelion fanfics, which would introduce absurd new characters to "save" at least the characters their authors liked, and I wonder if in some ways their extremes might inoculate me against any thoughts the characters "can't advance," because whatever they manage to do isn't bad as what happened with "help..." Still, one small detail and one very major plot point in this movie do continue to remind me of particular changes in one of the most infamous stories involving the surface details of Evangelion...
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Three months have gone by since the last time I did this, and once again I'm taking a look back at the anime I watched during them. Things seem steady enough with my viewing and my interest, although I did have the somewhat ambiguous feeling in these three months that the angst about anime companies scraping by when they aren't just shutting down in the face of "fansubs" has transferred to manga companies in the face of "scanlations." Once upon a time, there seemed a certain amount of confidence that manga readers wouldn't be as seduced by getting things off a computer screen as many anime viewers were (to say nothing of the confidence that since many manga series are what anime series are made from anyway, print might well just take over from animation), but the flux seems to have spread all the same. Even aware of how my potential interest in manga may have been misdirected for me by fear, uncertainty, and doubt over titles being edited, I suppose all I can do is keep on buying what manga I do buy, just as I buy what anime I do buy (and tell myself that one of these days, I'll even be able to watch it...)
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