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With another three months gone by, once again I'm taking a look back at the anime I watched in them. I seemed to keep up a pretty brisk pace of viewing, but even a brisk pace just chips away a little faster at the DVDs and now Blu-Rays I've accumulated over time. When thinking of that, though, I can at least contemplate with a little more equanimity the end of an era where I made regular orders from the online store Right Stuf because everyone else on the anime message board I follow the closest seemed to order from it too and manage to get free shipping just by putting together pre-orders, regardless of whether I had a strong interest or just sort of an idle curiosity in each title. In waiting for a sufficient number of series to buy at once, though, I might be worrying about my buying intentions corroding in the face of regular crises on the board over "domestic" releases fallen from the audiovisual excellence of the Japanese originals. I've known for a while now that some of the most vocal figures there just buy the Japanese originals, but for just as long now I'm stuck with the reluctance to spend that much money for those releases that do have English subtitles, not to mention the reluctance to go to lengths to become fluent in Japanese and then spend that much more money on untranslated releases, to proclaim some measure of moral superiority. Even with all of that, though, I did manage to put one order together recently, in advance of the end-of-year sales no less.
Continuing on: K-ON!! and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood )
Back into the stream: Servant x Service, Gatchaman Crowds, and C3 Club )
Still more streaming: 'Watamote,' Genshiken Second Generation, Space Brothers, and AKB0048 )
More sequels: Dirty Pair Flash and Hidamari Sketch x365 )
Rounding things out: The Rose of Versailles )
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Heading off on vacation in the past three months did give me a chance to take a break not just from work but from the pastime of watching anime DVDs. I had gone to some small lengths to not leave any series half-finished over the break where I could, but I suppose that did combine with the habitual feeling "so what is it going to be like this time?" as I start into something new to leave me with uncertainties about having "broken habits." That uncertainty might have lasted for an episode or two, though, so just perhaps the anxieties I do seem to shake off (or make a show of shaking off) every time I start another one of these looks back weren't so bad this time around.
Polishing things off: Transformers Masterforce )
Once again: Puella Magi Madoka Magica )
Movies: Project A-ko, Rebuild of Evangelion, and Dirty Pair )
Up to the minute: Total Eclipse, Rinne no Lagrange, and Space Brothers )
Fansub follies: Giniro no Olynssis )
Back into the swing: Wagnaria, Strawberry Panic, and Gundam Unicorn )
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These regular looks back at the anime I watched in the past three months can also provoke looks forward. I don't seem to have worried for a while about "burning out" without warning to be left with shelves full of unopened regrets just as I once kept noticing other fans seeming to make a big deal of. There are certainly series due to be released I'm interested in getting, and maybe even some tentative comments from some about there being some fairly respectable series being made these days. At the same time, while there's no immediate mood of overwhelming crisis in the North American anime-releasing industry, I suppose I did get to wondering "what if there were no anime discs being released over here one day, and what if larger forces lock down the internet to the point of 'fansubs' being stamped out at last just as collateral damage, and what if I'm stuck with a pay-per-view model when it comes to online streaming short of spending large sums to import discs from Japan that only might have subtitles"... which might mean nothing more than that I can let my worries run away on me.
Starting with continuations: Utena, My-HiME, and Aim for the Ace! )
Up to the minute: Bodacious Space Pirates, Space Brothers, and Kids on the Slope )
In the middle: Gundam Unicorn )
Getting back to some things: Squid Girl and Dirty Pair )
Getting on to some things: Hidamari Sketch and Transformers Masterforce )
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The thought does come to me every now and then that although I've watched anime for a good long while by many standards, I don't quite seem to have followed a path others seem to have and gone "beyond" it to a full connection to the "non-drawn" Japan. I do think I've picked up on and understand the everyday details casually referred to in those drawings, and yet I can wonder if, in moving beyond the idea that once seemed to pervade anime fandom over here that Japan was an utopia of interest in "drawn" stuff to an awareness that anime in particular is something of a "niche" product there too, I still haven't come to really consider that real people are involved in it over there... and I might also wonder if staying the way I am ties in some way into the comments cropping up every so often that it's an unpleasant sign of smug ignorance to say "but they don't look Japanese." In recent days, though, coverage of the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis at the one plant in the area whose standby generators were swamped by the water may have rubbed my nose in the fact that the stuff I watch is a domestic product in another country. Through it, though, I suppose I have kept watching.
History of a *certain* sort: Rose of Versailles )
Adventures in film: Nanoha, Evangelion, Summer Wars, and Zeta Gundam )
Experiments in 'freshness': Fractale, Infinite Stratos, and Madoka Magica )
Old stuff: Dairugger, Dougram, and Dirty Pair )
Newer stuff: Kanon, Squid Girl, and Kannagi )
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As the year wears to a close, I'm taking a look back at the anime I watched in its final three months. During that time, I got well into a "fifteen anniversary project" I'd been thinking about before, in which I sorted through my collection by when everything was made and picked a particular show to rewatch an episode or two for each year. While this is of course just a taste-testing tour when it comes to reminding me of stories I've seen before, it has been sort of interesting to see styles change over time. I did, though, only got from the mid-1970s to the mid-1990s in those three months... although I also kept up with watching series in a more conventional vein.
Interesting for a reason: Toradora! )
Taking off at last: Rocket Girls )
Second time's the charm: Gundam X )
Diamonds and hearts: Princess Nine )
A pleasant reacquaintance: Dirty Pair )
Obscure for a reason?: Starship Troopers )
Finishing off theatrically: Macross Frontier the False Songstress )
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It so happened that when the MSTing of "The Misery Senshi Neo-Zero Double Blitzkrieg Debacle" was being released on an unsuspecting world, I was making the final touches on a first MSTing of my very own. The juxtaposition in time does seem to make looking back at both works just a little awkward, though; I wouldn't want to claim my own is on the same level as a strong candidate for "the greatest ever"... but if I can draw a distinction between "appreciating the accomplishment of others" and "remembering my own work," I might yet be able to manage it as I return to the MSTing of the first part of "Undocumented Features." (My old "MSTing guide," I suppose, means I don't have to summarise the story right now...)
'And what rough beast, its hour come at last, slouches out of CSLANtronix not to be bored?' )
'It's like the Algonquin Round Table, only with more ego.' )
'Hey, the injokes are out of the way. What more do you want--dramatic structure?' )
'You can abuse yourself--but don't hurt the building!' )
'And if I never hear the word 'context' again, it'll be too soon.' )
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The strongest reason I have for following the "Anime on DVD" message board (still called so for all that it's been folded into a larger site) seems to be that, compared to a lot of the other anime message boards and communities I'm at least aware of, most of the regulars seem to enjoy what they watch instead of always complaining about some recent trend they don't like. However, the community may have influenced other parts of my interest in anime, one of them being that I do take notice how interested everyone else always is in the DVD releases the licensing and production arm of the "Right Stuf" online store puts out, and how the people from that store help keep up that interest by interacting with the community. I can't fault the effort put into the releases from packaging to disc content, but I suppose I'm a little aware I've ordered some of those recent releases not so much because the way others talk about them makes me really want to see the title, but instead just to hit a pretty high free international shipping threshold if while doing my part to hold up one part of the industry other people seem a bit more attached to than I am...
Therefore, when the constant cryptic promises... )
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Once again I'm trying to set down a few words about all the anime I watched in the three months just gone by, however nonspecific those thoughts always seem to turn out. I suppose I'm also conscious that at this time, other people are thinking back on and summing up a full ten years in a wide variety of things. That seems a bit much for me, but I am able to remember that ten years ago, I was facing (among other things) a "break from anime," having moved to a new job and away from any chance of visiting my university and staying with friends while I went to the anime club shows there, but not making enough money to buy what then seemed rather pricy videocassettes found only in comics shops. Many things have changed a lot since then, but I do still find myself thinking both "nope, not 'burned out' yet" but also "well, I'm still buying big quantities, faster than I can watch it." (Two big orders arrived just lately, one on either side of Christmas.) Beyond those paired constants of the present moment, I suppose there was also something of a change to my viewing habits in the past convenient block of time. Having been put on shift work again, I wondered how I would take days when there weren't hours left to watch anything, but wound up thinking they heightened my appetite so that during days off, I was fine watching several episodes. With that so, I may indeed be getting through a little more each week than when it could be tricky to find time in many weekday evenings to watch two episodes.
Returning to one thing: Mospeada )
Returning to different things: Code Geass R2 and Gundam 00 )
Delving into the 'backlog': Dirty Pair and Azumanga Daioh )
On into 'fansub follies': Cross Game and Macross 7 )
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Once again, I've defined three months as a convenient measure and motivated myself to look back at all the anime I watched in that time. When I roused myself to start this a while ago (dealing with somewhat longer periods then), I always seemed to find myself thinking "Well, I haven't burned out on the stuff yet..." Then, I began to hope that I had, indeed, been able to accept the certain limitations of animation production in Japan and, in accepting them, let them fade back in my mind and manage my expectations such that I wouldn't all of a sudden find myself convinced I had to devote myself to something else more "acceptable" or, seemingly worse yet, start complaining all the time about how the last year of production I could "accept" was somewhere in the 1980s... It may be, though, that the conclusion of a live-action science fiction show (that I stayed interested in but didn't reconfigure my larger interests), defining a stopping point for myself in following the DVDs of a North American animated series, and some other miscellaneous encounters have left me a little more conscious of just what I do watch and just how I spend a portion of my spare time. Still, the simple fact seems to be that I've enjoyed the anime I watched in the past three months.
Nostalgia and new stuff )
More old stuff and a little new stuff )
Genre cross-pollination )
Antique fansubs )
Newer fansubs )
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Another three months have gone by, and once again I'm trying to put together some thoughts on all the anime I watched in that time. If I had to give as short a summary as possible, I might say that I kept watching, some of the stuff I saw I enjoyed quite a bit (although the corollary, of course, would be that I liked those titles "more than others"), and if I dwelt on anything, it was on how many DVDs were piling up to be opened, not worrying about "burning out" some small fraction of the way through them. It may be, of course, that in avoiding the complaints of others how nothing made in the past twenty years has satisfied them, I've instead been in the company of those who, now that they're not quite so worried about the enduring North American anime distributors going out of business in the next few months, can get back to complaining about how those companies' latest DVD releases are either defective or just not up to their own highly developed aesthetic standards. I suppose, though, that I'm fine coping with that.
An awkward admission )
A long-awaited return )
Not awaited quite as long, and yet...? )
Fansubs: the bleeding edge )
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