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What importance the Love Life School Idol Festival mobile game plays in its multimedia franchise, among live concerts and CDs and the anime series and movies and all the ancillary merchandising, I don't know. That it has kept being updated with new content and features probably means it's a mark in a corporate plus column. One feature added a while ago, though, did focus my mind on the time I've spent playing it since I saw the movie that closed out the first anime storyline and went on to a source of additional content. That the game now tracks the time you've spent playing it and gives you a special bonus every hundred days is something, but the thought of getting to a thousand days playing did get to me and have some consequences at last.
It's been a while )
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I suppose I look at the "Manga Bookshelf" site fairly often. Seeing the eye-catching title "Last and First Idol" on its front page, though, left me with an impression of having been lucky to have had something so precisely combining diverging personal interests catch my attention before the steady march of new content could push it out of sight. Sean Gaffney's review had explained the electronic release from J-Novel Club was a collection of three short stories using idol singers and other tangents off the anime-manga nexus to set up some pretty hard science fiction. I could amuse myself wondering how many other people have not just some interest in idol singers (I might not have quite as much as some, but it seems "enough") but also some awareness of a science fiction book from the beginning of the 1930s, less a conventional novel than a "fictional history" of its near to a very far future, named Last and First Men by an English author, Olaf Stapledon.
An existential widescreen yuri baroque proletarian hard sci-fi idol story )
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After opening three "quarterly reviews" of anime watched by dwelling on how little luck I was having joining in the game everyone else seems to play these days by watching lots of series on official streaming services, things changed at last three months ago without much fuss when some upcoming shows did get my attention and I had every opportunity to watch them. I still wasn't quite joining in the game in full, as I wasn't watching so many new series I couldn't keep watching shows from seasons or years before on my own. Still, as I can enjoy that as well, I was more than happy with how things were coming together for myself.
Starting off: Chihayafuru and Symphogear AXZ )
Known quantities: Love Live Sunshine series 2 and The Ancient Magus' Bride )
Chances taken: Recovery of an MMO Junkie and Anime-Gataris )
Follow-ups: Yuki Yuna is a Hero and Full Metal Panic Fumoffu )
An unexpected return: Space Battleship Yamato 2199 )
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Three months ago, as one more "quarterly review" of anime viewed meant working out one more explanation why I'd more or less missed out on what seems the modern game of watching new series on a weekly schedule through official streaming, I was at least thinking things might be different in the summer. In those three months I wasn't away on a long vacation, and yet in just their first week or two I realised I'd once more sit out the game.
The latest explanation, and RWBY )
Starting off at last: Little Witch Academia )
Getting around to it: Ano Hana )
Mirror experiences: Zeta Gundam and Gundam Double Zeta )
One conclusion: Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counterattack )
A peculiar experience: Chargeman Ken )
Again at last: Love Live Sunshine )
A nostalgic discovery: Star Gunman Bismark )
Another conclusion: Gundam Unicorn )
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During the season of Lent, I decided I'd been spending an awful lot of my lunch breaks playing a particular game on my iPad (the number-matching game Threes), and resolved to give it up for at least a while. I might hewed to the letter of that pledge while still missing its spirit, however. Having just finished watching the anime series Love Live, I thought I could try out the mobile game in the franchise; once I'd done that, I realised just how effectively it could pull someone in.
An illustration of that )
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As another new year got under way, I was looking at all the anime DVDs and Blu-Rays I've piled up over long years of buying them faster than I can watch them (although I've been conscious in the months just past of seeming to have just about cauterized any internal urge to buy the expensive "quasi-imports" that reassure executives in Japan cheap fans over there won't be tempted to "reverse import") and contemplating just which of them to open, but also hoping, with a feeling that might have had a first, slight resemblance to desperation, I'd be a bit luckier this season at taking interest in new shows streaming everyone else wouldn't sour on straight off. In the first three months of this year, however, a few surprises affected both of those intents.
Starting off: Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact )
Weekend diversions: Creamy Mami and Gyrozetter )
An unexpected discovery: Paranoia Agent )
The lone survivor: Erased )
The next surprise: Love Live! series 2 )
Continuing on: Lupin the Third series 4 )
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Looking back every three months at the anime I watched in them doesn't seem to demand remembering too many opinions, and it also happens to align with the way new series show up. Introducing one of these summaries, though, always seem to suggest saying a bit more. Some of the old standards for building an introduction around, however, weren't quite as ready to come to mind this time. If we are on a fixed track towards "paying appropriate amounts for appropriate releases on disc--don't you know things are different in Japan?", it's all happening at a comfortable remove from sight right now. As for an older concern I would set up quarter after quarter only to knock down every time, at the start of the past three months I took interest in the brief preview summaries of enough new series to start watching them through official streaming so that my "once a week" slate stayed pretty full with the series continuing from the previous season, with time left to watch some shows on disc that I'd managed to miss the first time around only to notice everyone else getting interested in, and therefore not inclined to dwell on old worries about "having to accept one day I might have to find something else to occupy my time." It therefore took a little while to get the introduction just right.
Starting off: Attack on Titan )
Continuing: Argevollen, Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun, and Akame ga Kill! )
Two different takes: Gundam Build Fighters Try and Reconguista in G )
Happened on: Parasyte and Shirobako )
Getting to: Girls und Panzer and Love Live! )
Revisiting: Clannad )
Finishing theatrically: The Garden of Words and Patema Inverted )

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