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As the new year started, I had a new plan for how to keep chipping away at the heap of anime DVDs and Blu-Rays I've managed to pile up. Where I'd spent most of last year picking out "sequels" and "spinoffs," now I was beginning to think of how I'd bought some series on disc and then, before getting to them, also begun picking up their manga versions with the thought they'd continue the story beyond what had been animated. However, also thinking manga might look "better drawn" or be "less toned down" than the anime does keep me from reading it until I've put in the more considerable investment of time necessary to watch the anime, and as volumes piled up I did get to feeling the stakes of finding out I didn't quite care for a story in the first place were rising. I therefore decided that this year I'd start off concentrating on the series I had both anime and manga for. Then, though, the conviction also hit me I can't let all the things still to be opened quite defeat me when it comes to going back to things every once in a while.
An imposed nostalgic return: Golion )
Starting to work towards manga: Highschool of the Dead )
A theatrical side note: Evangelion 3.0 )
More on its own: Sweet Blue Flowers )
More manga preparation: The Sacred Blacksmith and A Certain Magical Index )
Continued streaming: Golden Time, Space Brothers, and Ace of the Diamond )
Continued personal standouts: Gundam Build Fighters and Kill la Kill )
A discovery: Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions )
Wrapping up with movies: K-ON! and Wolf Children )
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I wondered a bit about the second of two volumes of follow-up manga to the K-ON! franchise in advance of its release. Caught somehow in between fans who talk about it with what seems effusive praise yet elusive specifics and those who levy the dread term "moeblob" against the whole thing, I was thinking all the same of how I'd managed to put together not just a post on the second anime series but the first of the follow-up manga volumes, and about whether this might even have set a pattern that could be carried through to the end. With "K-ON! High School," though, I was quite aware of how it would be all about the characters more or less in "supporting roles" in previous instalments, which does bring to mind thoughts of "wearing thin."
Once I started reading the volume, though... )
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I suppose one sign I was liking K-ON!! was that in the last few episodes there did seem some amount of "it'll be sad to say goodbye" mixed in with the usual anticipation of what anime series to start watching next. I even went so far as to seek some reassurance in the thought there was still a movie to watch. So far as the larger franchise went, though, there was also the thought I already had a new volume of the manga, one started after the four-volume series had wrapped up with the four main characters graduating from high school to all go to the same college. At the same time, though, I did remember noticing comments that this attempt to pick up something concluded hadn't seemed to have been a real success over in Japan, as opposed to Genshiken, say (the "second series" of which is airing as an anime series as I write.) A volume of manga isn't a major time investment for me, though, so after taking note of how it had been licensed for release over here I went ahead and bought it.
Character types )
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Still working on watching "follow-up series" out of my large stock of anime series, I got around to the second instalment of a popular yet polarizing franchise. It had seemed to me that when people watched K-ON!, a series that might be too briefly described as about a rock band of high school girls, they either got it or they didn't (and if they didn't, they would often complain about "moeblobs"); after reading the original four-panel comic strip manga and watching the original series, I was left wondering if I only thought I got it. Hearing the second series (identified with an extra exclamation mark), twice the length of the first, had been licensed as well did get my attention all the same; it did take me a while to get around to ordering and then watching the Blu-Rays, though.
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