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It's been quite a while since I first bought the first volume of the Neon Genesis Evangelion manga, back when anime came on VHS tapes (and they seemed too expensive for a university student like me, especially given I'd have to buy thirteen of them to get the whole series) and manga came in trade paperbacks, art mirrored and retouched to make it more like comics as everyone thought of them. Since then, I've managed to get all of the anime series on DVD and bought the first volumes of the manga over again when they were reissued to match more modern, cheaper ways of publishing the stuff, but the manga is still unfinished even with the latest volume just out.

Of course, with the manga's artwork by the character designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto himself, the manga can't be easily dismissed one of those knocked-off adaptations of an original anime meant for the cheapskates who won't buy it on home video. It's also been different enough to seem distinct from the anime, even if there I'm always left admitting MSTings of ridiculous Evangelion fanfics have left me willing to handle less extravagant departures from the hard truths of the series. With the previous volume having moved into adapting The End of Evangelion, though, I am left to face my uncertainties about that movie that, while the original television episodes may have confronted people with the series really being about the built-in problems of the characters and not just their struggles against external forces, the movie leaves me with the hard-to-shake feeling that the characters are belittled by forces they weren't aware of before and aren't capable of stopping in the slightest.

At the beginning of the latest volume, things continued to be tweaked to small amounts, "saving" Asuka at least for a while even if at the definite cost of denying her a seeming last-instant victory against overwhelming odds in the moments before the rules are changed on her. From there, though, things do start seeming to hew closer to the movie, and I'm left wondering how things will turn out in the very end after whatever changes have been rung throughout the course of the manga. Of course, it may be a while yet before the final volume itself appears.

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