Dec. 31st, 2018

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As a new season's worth of anime series started up three months ago, I was conscious I didn't feel grabbed by quite as many of my initial limited understandings of the shows beginning as I'd been for several seasons before. As I still wasn't quite stuck altogether on the outside there, though, I was willing to make up whatever shortfall this might seem to be from my own collection and series presented as a block on Netflix, even thinking a bit of a change might be nice. A different change that also happened along the way, however, was going into my stacks of DVDs and Blu-Rays, at last picking out titles I thought I could "get rid of" one way or another with the thought this was one small push back against one day "finding myself buried in things." This stretched so far as to titles I'd bought years ago but never opened until such time as I could find myself wondering "was I ever that interested in seeing them?" In no real way did it seem to threaten "putting all anime behind me at last," but I did wind up a little conscious it's one thing to pile these chopping-block titles in a different place, and another to figure out just how I can sell some of them or just hand everything over to the library book sale to make them someone else's problem.
Starting off: Kyousougiga and Dragon Pilot )
Antiques: Great Mazinger and Hustle Punch )
Actual streaming: SSSS.GRIDMAN and Anima Yell! )
The rewind begins: Last Hope and Slayers )
The rewind continues: Serial Experiments Lain and Patlabor OVAs )
Wrapping up, looking ahead: Castle of Cagliostro and Robot Carnival )
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With another year drawing to a close, I'm once again looking back at the first sentence of the first post here for each month. This year, I kept this journal going to the point where the odometer of "post URLs" rolled over to the three hundred thousands, still less than many other journals of course.
A year in twelve sentences )
See you in the new year!

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