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We've made it through another year, and I've eked this journal along through it to where I can once more quote the (I fear often lengthy) first sentence of the first post of each month, although I have stopped crossposting to the Livejournal it started as. I did manage to keep the queue filled up in my Tumblr, anyway; I'm getting just about to the point where the covers of Macintosh computer magazines should start appearing, even if this will coincide with the first magazines in a while dropping out of existence.

January: Buying anime faster than I can watch it, in large part through the penny-wise, pound-foolish desire for "free shipping" turning most every casual interest into another title stored away here or there, does seem to have brought me to the point where every so often I just shrug off "getting through it" and go back to watch a series over again.

February: There are problems and problems, and "starting to feel a bit lost getting deep into a manga series" seems pretty far down the list.

March: Something about reading news about text adventures and interactive fiction every day but seldom getting around to playing any of those games I read about can get to me just a bit.

April: The start of a new year meant, among many other things, the start of another season of anime series, but in the first days of the year I watched the list of streaming announcements accumulate without quite seeming grabbed by any of it.

May: Returning to the original Voltron (as distinct from the anime series it was made from) after long years, though the episode at the top of a playlist on Netflix introduced by people working on the new Voltron Legendary Defender, did bring to mind all those old impressions of just how hard the dialogue was trying to claim the animation wasn't showing anyone being killed.

June: While on vacation, I was at least aware of the fortieth anniversary of Star Wars, but where I'd managed to say something at the fifteen-year mark since Attack of the Clones I didn't have the same drive to make a post about the movie that had got the saga rolling, much less find somewhere offering wireless online access that particular day.

July: It was a bit odd to really start picking up on the "Canada 150" logo "out in the wild" by seeing it on packages in the supermarket, and that might only have got me thinking back to the centennial itself and its assorted construction projects having happened well before I was born.

August: As the Roman numerals that take up most of the slipcase fronts of Shout! Factory's official Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVD collections have grown ever more elaborate, I've seen the speculation about what episodes might yet be released begin to dwell on a group of "problem episodes," whose rights are controlled by what seems absolutely intractable groups or people.

September: The Digital Antiquarian led off an eight-part series on Tetris with an introduction describing the first computers in the Soviet Union (which helps show how plenty of things could be said about that game) and their initial application to cybernetic economic planning.

October: My copy of the thirty-eighth official DVD collection of Mystery Science Theater 3000 waited a long time to be opened.

November: "The Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Society" has been around for ten years; the person who's kept it running didn't have time to make a big deal of that, but someone did manage to throw in an off-topic comment mentioning the anniversary and didn't get in trouble.

December: The short third series of Voltron Legendary Defender was followed in close order by a short fourth block on Netflix, even if not quite fast enough for my self-imposed old-fashioned pacing to unite them back into a once-a-week season.

See you in the new year!

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