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Seven Legend of the Galactic Heroes novels having been officially translated into English and sold in bookstores ought to be something, but I admit I was still relieved all over again on the appearance of the latest volume that "losses hadn't been cut in the face of seemingly inevitable book-to-book sales declines." Anyway, as I started into the seventh volume I did wonder about the recently concluded new anime adaptation (which hadn't even adapted to the end of the first volume) and its slicker character designs coming to mind; as I kept reading, though, my older memories of the older anime did seem to return.

With those memories to call on, I could face this volume marking the last stand of the Free Planets Alliance, as Reinhard von Lohengramm makes an excuse of the machinations and escapes of the previous volume and hurls the full mass of the Galactic Empire at it. Yang Wen-li and his fellow irregulars-to-begin-with weren't part of that last stand, though, having escaped to a corner of space and once more captured the space fortress Iserlohn. (The story did seem to feel a bit more deft about this than just "contriving the unlikely in a way that only points out it's happening all over again.") With it seemingly having been demonstrated that Reinhard is the complete real deal so far as enlightened despots go, Yang more or less seems intent on taking a long view and preserving what he can for when regeneration is once more necessary. Events are moving outside his own control, though, and I did keep thinking ahead to the anime adaptation with a thought there might be another shock to close out this volume and top the one we'd already been hit with. (That a particular reunion with Yang did take place had already caught my attention.) It didn't happen, which has me thinking of reports there are still three more volumes to be translated; however, I did happen to notice a different bit of build-up to something else I remember.

As with other translated novels linked with anime series, the prose has a peculiar and not altogether compelling flavour to it. When I went back to the volumes just past, though, I realised the seventh volume hadn't been said to have translated by Tyran Grillo, credited with the fourth to sixth, but by Daniel Huddleston, whose name is on the first three. If this means a corner hadn't been cut early on and maybe even further plans are still set, I'm willing to find a little hope in that. Of course, there could be the question of just how things will be split up going forward.

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