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I wondered a bit about the second of two volumes of follow-up manga to the K-ON! franchise in advance of its release. Caught somehow in between fans who talk about it with what seems effusive praise yet elusive specifics and those who levy the dread term "moeblob" against the whole thing, I was thinking all the same of how I'd managed to put together not just a post on the second anime series but the first of the follow-up manga volumes, and about whether this might even have set a pattern that could be carried through to the end. With "K-ON! High School," though, I was quite aware of how it would be all about the characters more or less in "supporting roles" in previous instalments, which does bring to mind thoughts of "wearing thin."

Once I started reading the volume, though, I could get as involved with it as any of the previous manga. It might be that being able to keep the familiar setting works about as well as keeping the "main characters." To keep the high school rock band going, two new characters get added to Azusa, the lone holdover from before, and her friends Ui and Jun; I wondered a bit about Sumire having a direct family connection to Mugi, the wealthy girl of the main characters (the two even look a bit alike), but could get over that. With the glasses-wearing supporting character graduated, a new one gets added with Nao; her handling the technical side could lead to thoughts of her being a "supporting" character too. It did seem, though, that the responsible and competent younger sister Ui faded back a bit without her older sister Yui to take care of. Somewhere along the way, there was another "does one of the girls actually have a boyfriend?" story, which once again turned out not to be so, the better for some to grin at the thought of just pairing the girls off and for other, darker and more appropriative fantasies to not be talked about quite so much.

Again, I did sort of wonder about impressions I've overheard about these new follow-up series not having been smash hits over in Japan and having to be wrapped up in a hurry; this volume, though, did seem able to give a better sense of getting to tell a smaller, more self-contained story. There's also always thoughts of getting around to watching the movie on the anime side, even sooner rather than later.

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