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I was in the grocery store stocking up for the week ahead when, right next to the cardboard display bin of Vanilla Coke and Cherry Coke ("back for a limited time," I understood) I spotted a second bin with somehow just as familiar bottles in it. The signage made a big deal of "Crystal Pepsi" being back (again, for a limited time), but what raced through my mind was impressions that particular brand may well be remembered, but in an amused way as "not a success." It seems almost too easy these days to sigh and shake your head about commercial brands and intellectual properties being brushed up and brought back from the niches promotion dug them into before to save on the apparent greater risk of coming up with anything new, but it may yet be there's more than a few actual reasons for that, too.
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Every so often I notice comments that soft drinks tasted better back when they were made with cane sugar and not corn syrup, but in the past I never tried to follow up on them and search out the old-fashioned soda pop that was said to still be found here and there. I suppose my thought was that I might succumb to a more expensive habit. However, while headed through my local grocery store, I happened to notice packages of soda on prominent end-of-the-aisle display, and by the time I realised they made a point of being made with "real sugar" a part of me already wanted to buy it...
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