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It started, I suppose, with the feeling I wasn't as engaged with "live-action" movies and television as I "ought" to be. I knew enough about the original Battlestar Galactica to be interested in the thought of a "modern remake," but that awareness was abstract enough that I couldn't see myself being worried over this new version not being the "original." (Nowadays, too, it's somehow amusing to remember back to the days when the differences seemed the most notable thing about the new version...) Too, perhaps, the new version becoming a show sometime after its original "mini-series" seemed to give me a second chance to get into it, and I may well be more concerned than I need to be about constantly missing the chance to take an initial description and commit to a broadcast series that "has" to be seen from the very first episode or you won't understand anything. (For that matter, too, I had to see the initial episodes via "disapproved methods" before finally subscribing to the next cable tier and getting the science fiction channel...)

The very first regular-length episode of Battlestar Galactica made a strong impression on me; I might even have been briefly worried it was going to displace everything else from my affections... although as time passed, just following the discussions of others began to strengthen my unfortunate impression that certain people nowadays get one really good season out of a television show, and then what the creators really want to show diverges from what they first became interested in. Maybe that impression has soothed my previous feelings of having "missed out" on other shows. Still, I stuck with Battlestar Galactica... I'm aware of how it seemed to drift away from "tackling contemporary issues," but was able to adjust. There were certainly some twists in the final episode, but also time enough, it seemed, to get used to the final major developments. I'm not quite sure if I'm stuck with a "so what do I do now?" feeling; perhaps that has to do with having managed to start watching "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" (as with the new Doctor Who, deciding to commit to it seemed somehow less of a major commitment than starting out with Battlestar Galactica), which is still running on Fridays for however many more episodes it has left. Even so, it may be that I'm still not as engaged with "live-action" movies and television as I "ought" to be... but now that doesn't seem to bother me as much as it did before.
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I have to admit that, for all that I was aware the final set of Battlestar Galactica episodes were approaching, I somehow had the sense this wasn't as big a deal for me as it could have been. One of the most heartening explanations I could come up with for that was that I didn't want to speculate too much because I might somehow turn cobweb fantasies into "non-negotiable demands," but even that didn't quite seem to explain everything... After all of that waiting, though, once I started watching the first new episode itself I was absorbed.
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As it turns out, I also happened to spot, just hours before the new episode aired, a short article in an issue of "The Atlantic Monthly" that took a look at Battlestar Galactica. It was somehow tempting to conclude that the article was just one more example of critics holding themselves well above a "popular" work, although I did put a little thought into their comments about how "contemporary resonance" seems to have been replaced by "mysticism," and how the show would be just about incomprehensible for someone picking it up cold... (One thought that drove me to start watching the show as its first season got under way was worrying just a little about how I wasn't giving live-action shows a chance when they started and then, as buzz started building up around them, concluding it was "too late to start...") I also couldn't help but notice, though, how it threw in a little comment about how "proper space opera," of which the only two examples given were Star Wars and the Battlefield Earth movie, "advertises with chilly pride its remoteness from life as we know it". I immediately started remembering all those attempts to link current events to the new Star Wars movies, and then contemplated how I'd much rather think of Star Wars as dealing with "universal" human questions such as "what makes a good person evil" and "what makes an evil person good"... but there, perhaps, I'm stepping into the role of the fan who can't bear any criticism whatever.
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I watched the latest episode of Battlestar Galactica last night with my usual measured interest. This morning, though, I made a connection about one small point in it, and all of a sudden felt compelled to do something unusual and share it with the world...
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With Battlestar Galactica now on a short hiatus, I thought I might try and set down a few of my thoughts about the first part of its third season. On thinking about it, though, I began to wonder if one of the most significant things for me is that there's now much less of a gap between when the episodes are first shown on the Sci-Fi Channel and when I can see them on Space. This did let me avoid the hiatus between the two halves of the second season, but now I don't have to keep away from the reactions of others quite as much as I did then... and I'm left wondering if the discussions are all that pleasant at times, if the show is transitioning into that awkward stage where the fans know what they want but the creators can't quite seem to read their minds.

Of course, some reactions I saw to Lee and Kara sort of getting back together were half-incoherent with "shippy" joy, and some were kind of annoyed. There's no grim consensus yet! That might let me try and define my own reactions at last. The episodes seem to divide into three parts: in the first, everyone tries to escape from Cylon occupation on New Caprica, in the second, the repercussions of that escape develop... and in the third, there are a series of revelations about different characters. Beyond whatever reactions I had or didn't have to the specific revelations, I did start to wonder in a mostly amiable way if the characters are somewhat set in their ways by now, if the revelations are an easy way to produce one episode's worth of story. Against that, though, is something of a feeling that certain parts of the show (one ship defending what's left of humanity, and just who's where on it) have been restored. I shouldn't pretend that all the characters are unmarked, of course. Perhaps the most ominous conclusion I might yet draw from all of it is that, to keep from drawing back from the series itself, I just might wind up drawing back from the reactions of others again.
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I had been keeping a close eye on when Battlestar Galactica would return to the Space channel, but in the process I was perhaps almost surprised (but pleasantly) to see that a new season of Doctor Who would begin just days later on CBC. Beyond, of course, that they're the two live-action science fiction television shows I'm watching these days, there's a sort of special connection between them for me.

I was perhaps just a little too young to become really interested in the original Battlestar Galactica; the late-1970s Star Wars "ripoff" I was more interested in was Disney's The Black Hole movie (if mostly for its robots and other mechanical designs). When I heard the show was being remade and reimagined, I was simply curious, but when I heard its miniseries beginning was being expanded into a series, I perhaps felt almost compelled to start in on it from the beginning. With too many other science fiction television shows, from Babylon 5 to Farscape to Firefly (cruelly, in that case I bothered to watch the first few minutes of the first televised episode, thought, "Huh, space western," and then decided I didn't have the time to follow it), I found myself in retrospect with the odd sense that I had missed out. This time, things would be different... and while my overwhelmed sense of "This is the greatest thing ever!" I was left with by the first series episode of Battlestar Galactica did fade to a more measured appreciation of the series, I was still glad I'd made the effort this time around. Then, though, when the talk of a revival of Doctor Who materialised into a broadcast on CBC, I was able to start watching it, and that was that.
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