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Bit by bit, I'm building up a games library on my iPod touch; I can wonder a little right now if I'm quicker to buy those inexpensive, easy-to-get games than I've been to get them for my computer... In any case, when I heard that "Civilization Revolution" had just been ported, I took a chance on the introductory sale. Having whiled away some enjoyable hours with "Civilization II" over the years, I was intrigued by the idea of being able to carry "the ascent of man" along with me. The one problem was some comments about how the game ran slowly for certain people.

It seems that having the latest revision of the system software helped me, though, because things seem to run acceptably for me. Back when I first heard about this particular iteration of the franchise, "Civilization simplified for games consoles" left me wondering about older comments about the game being best suited for computers with lots of keys for lots of commands, but I suppose I don't mind a bit of simplicity; there are also pathways to victory that weren't in Civilization II. The blues of the game's interface do remind me a bit more of Windows XP than of the iPhone, though... Still, so long as I can't find my CD of Civilization II (much less run it on my main system any more) and can't quite get the open-source work-alike "Freeciv" working to my satisfaction, I may keep dipping into this portable version.

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