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The last time or so that I made a post on Mike Nelson and company's post-Mystery Science Theater project of recording "Rifftrax" for big-budget movies, somebody connected with them happened on it. I suppose that from that point I decided to keep my ungrounded thoughts about whether there were different perspectives to begin "riffing" on any movie after all to myself. However, today on Satellite News I noticed that the team is now planning to release a Rifftrax for The Empire Strikes Back... and while I still suppose I'm not going to follow this up with the commitment of listening to it, I'm pretty much untroubled by that piece of news. Given that I do suspect some people have an exaggerated opinion of TESB as compared to the rest of the Star Wars saga, it's somehow easier to contemplate it being poked at and that just maybe coming up against a perspective or two... and maybe where I was far too inclined to imagine the Rifftrax for Star Wars itself released previously being built around "weenie Luke" cracks and attacks on the Special Edition, it's harder to come up with "too-easy" opinions this time. Of course, I can also wonder about whether the Rifftrax people have finished with the Matrix or the Lord of the Rings movies yet, and respond to comments I've already seen about how "getting to Return of the Jedi means we won't have to worry about being offended any more" with asking whether Artoo sticking the wrong appendage in the wrong socket during the final escape is necessarily that different from "goofy stuff" in the last movie...

Date: 2009-04-10 02:38 am (UTC)
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What's the fun in mocking good movies? I don't get it.

Date: 2009-04-10 02:00 pm (UTC)
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That, I can suppose, is a reflection of how "riffing" just may have been narrowed to "something you do to something that deserves it," not "there's a funny side to everything if you just look at it the right way" (and you can always look at things different ways, too)... I can wonder about my own perspectives and where they came from, of course. In thinking about that, though, I began to recall a MSTing that seemed to be an enjoyable, "non-aggressive" take on something respected elsewhere, The Tale of Peter Rabbit ( (And, of course, it could be said to be seasonally appropriate to bring up right now.)

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