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I seem to be falling further and further behind those whose comments I see when it comes to watching The Clone Wars. Where they seem pleased at the successful conclusion of a three-part "plot arc," I've only seen the first episode of that arc on "Space." I suppose one more weight added is that Space is still showing the episodes in "pan and scan," and for some reason I find myself thinking to a recent kerfuffle over the first official North American DVDs of one particular anime series being defective. I had become interested in how others were interested in the series, but decided in the end that I just didn't need to chase its "fansubs" when I could wait for the DVDs... but in waiting and waiting for (hopefully) corrected discs to ship, the unpleasant thought began to scratch at me that waiting for a legitimate release that would compensate the creators for their work was somehow "being played the fool," as a few secure in their piracy make an obnoxious point of...

Nevertheless, I did manage to come up with some belated thoughts on the episode itself.

Before watching the episode itself, I have to admit that I did wonder a little if "Big ship with a gun--blow it up" would have come across better to the skeptical than the somehow faintly odd "Rescue Jabba the Hutt's son" as an introductory plot. On watching the episode, though, it did seem that just chasing that "big ship with a gun" didn't give as much of an opportunity for character development through action as the ground battles of the Clone Wars movie did (although, of course, there was character development all the same), and then I decided that even if the basic plot had been extensively reworked, it still could have been accused of being "just like" the "surface plot" of Star Wars, just as people have looked at the "surface plot" of Return of the Jedi and accused it of the same thing...

This was the episode where Plo Koon got his first big role, and of course I knew how the supervising director Dave Filoni is a big fan of that character. I also have to admit that in the past, I've wondered about whether some have become attached to the "blank slate" characters of Star Wars as the other side from disdain for the main characters... but, of course, it would be foolish now to claim that the series creators "don't care" for the main characters. I did, though, take slight notice of how Ahsoka had a connection to Plo Koon, and must admit as well I found myself remembering MSTing days and how the "special connections" sketched out to new characters could raise eyebrows... although with Ahsoka still being a new character herself, it didn't seem unbelievable.

The conclusion to the episode wasn't so much of a cliffhanger as I had perhaps been expecting. When I do eventually get around to seeing the next instalment, though, I'm sure things will continue to be interesting.

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