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Even with the Olympics getting under way, it still seems like the "silly season" is well upon us in terms of news. This morning, I saw an article in my Friday paper calmly discussing how a decision has been made that a Megatron toy who transforms into a realistic-looking handgun can now be imported across the border instead of being turned back by customs. I suppose I just feel a mild happiness for the person who had first hoped to import the toy, even if I never had a Megatron Transformer of my own in my youth (or a Darth Vader action figure, for that matter); these days, with the exception of two transforming "Valkyries" from the Macross anime that I got a while back, I guess I'd feel too self-conscious ordering an expensive "toy." On the other hand, when a line of Transformers toys was widely available a little while ago that included a Megatron who transformed into a stylized "zap gun," I indulged myself in getting one of them.

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