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I might, perhaps, have been getting myself into another one of those "so now what do I post about in between looking at Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes?" moods. Then, nearing the end of a pleasant civic holiday from work, I switched my TV's inputs over from the DVD player to cable, and all of a sudden I was watching the speeder bike chase from Return of the Jedi... The science fiction channel up here, which I had left the tuner switched to, was running a holiday marathon of Star Wars movies, which I don't really recall it having done before. I suppose that, had my Friday newspaper shown up on my doorstop the way I'd been expecting it to, I might have known and even contemplated the whole "I might just watch bits of something I can see on my own DVDs at my own choosing, and yet others might also be watching this now" idea... but it was still an interesting surprise.

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