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A vague thought began creeping up on me over the past few days, and I checked some of my own sources to discover that we're now a full fifteen years and change from the posting of some responses to brief "trolling" messages on the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Usenet newsgroup, responses that were cast in the voices of Joel Robinson, Crow T. Robot, and Tom Servo to create the earliest identified MSTings. From those small beginnings would grow lengthy multi-author works poking fun at endless, infamously wrong fanfics like "Stolen Memories" and "The Misery Senshi Neo-Zero Double Blitzkrieg Debacle"...

Fifteenth anniversaries, I suppose, are not really that special compared to tenth, twentieth, and even twenty-fifth, but I suppose I'm thinking of this one in part because of the melancholy awareness that just five years ago, I was able to mention this point to the people on a mailing list and a message board devoted to that form of Mystery Science Theater fanworks. In a few months from that date, though, the one person in charge of the central MSTing archive would take his site down to move and never put it back up again, and the message board would just sort of dwindle away... No doubt, it had something to do with the show itself having gone off the air a few years before, and yet interest in the show itself remains to this date. One thing that I've wondered about is if fans of Mystery Science Theater are more "satisfied" with the "official" body of work than other fans are of other properties, and don't need to "create their own perfect realities." I've also wondered about the possible difference between "riffing" on a movie, a sort of "group product," and "riffing" on a mere fanfic written by someone who just might not have been able to help themselves in the way filmmakers are "supposed" to. Of course, having written a few of them myself, I can also wonder if MSTings were finally just too much work.

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