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I was starting to think about just what I might add to my journal to go in between posts about Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes when I got around to listening to the weekly "podcast" of a radio science show. A feature on a book about how people can justify their own mistakes and "hear what they want to hear" caught my attention... and for some reason, instead of contemplating how I perhaps "seek out reinforcement" in general myself, I started thinking about how that might apply to the turbulent waters of "fandom" in particular, about how I can be irked by criticism of things I'm interested in... and then turn around and figure "they must be 'reinforcing' their own negative beliefs." Maybe it's always so turbulent when it comes to fandom because it's harder to "prove your opinion" than in real life.

While trying to figure out if I could find the time to expand those thoughts into a full and worthy post, though, I noticed a very interesting post elsewhere... it seems that Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie may well be returning to DVD at last. An old release of it went out of print long ago, and I always counted myself lucky to have noticed a local video store was selling off its tape of it, but of course it wasn't the same thing... and looking back at my thoughts, I started wondering if somebody might say something to the effect of questioning becoming excited over a mere chance to spend money.

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