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Pointed to it by a post on the [ profile] mst3k community, I was interested to see a new entry on the "Cinematic Titanic" site which shows a behind-the-scenes shot of their own version of the immortal "theatre silhouette" and the amusing poster that promoted their premiere performance for Industrial Light & Magic. For some reason, though, this does leave me a little ambiguous about how I'm still just not that interested in "Rifftrax," and to meditations on whether or not MSTings left me convinced "riffing" can get nastier when you're taking on something recent and big-budget as opposed to something old, obscure, and cheap... Of course, maybe it's residual guilt for having decided to take on a famous (in its own defined circle) yet extremely self-inserting fanfic for my very first MSTing. On a different note, though, I did also notice a comment about how the first Cinematic Titanic release is going to be delayed to tinker with new ideas... and that does leave me wondering about the old comments about how Joel Hodgson was happier coming up with strange new ideas than in turning out episode after episode featuring them. Maybe I will never have to worry about "showing interest in one but not the other..."

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