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After pointing out some slight controversy over a rapidly out-of-print Mystery Science Theater 3000 collection being reissued with one disc out of four changed and admitting "I know a lot of people are getting worked up about this, but I just don't see the point of becoming upset," I was interested to hear that Rhino Video will indeed offer "The Giant Gila Monster" as a stand-alone DVD. However, having not plumbed depressing depths before, I can't quite manage to scale dizzying heights over this news either. Maybe it's wondering just what the particulars of getting my hands on that singleton disc will entail... and maybe it's hearing the news that a different group of people connected to Mystery Science Theater 3000 are recording a "RiffTrax" for the Star Wars Holiday Special... it's not that I've ever thought I've needed to have any thoughts about that program one way or another, but somehow it just seems a little gratuitous.

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