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Just before I went out to work this morning, I checked the official NASA site and saw that there was a sixty percent chance that weather would keep Discovery from launching today. I was then left to wonder about that at work, as I'm not one of the people gifted with Internet access in my department and I also managed to keep forgetting about my radio as the hourly news rolled around. Headed back from work, I was able to listen to the extended newscast, and didn't hear anything about a launch. That meant to me that nothing had gone wrong, but didn't quite say anything about whether everything had gone right... and then I went online again, and saw that the launch had indeed succeeded. What with the cargo of Luke's Return of the Jedi prop lightsabre on board, I was a little pleased to know the launch had happened today, as the moment of liftoff was 11:38 am, but would have shifted to earlier and earlier by each day it was delayed... (I was also reminded of something I noticed in "The Making of Star Wars," where Mark Hamill commented that he threw the "1138" reference in himself and George Lucas initially disapproved of it.) Now, of course, for hoping everything works out for the rest of the mission...

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