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I picked out another Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode on DVD that I hadn't watched for a while, possibly not since first seeing it, and confronted "Boggy Creek II: And The Legend Continues". As Mike Nelson himself explains in a little introduction filmed for the DVD, this was actually the third Boggy Creek movie, but only the second made by the person who made the first, who "retroactively decanonized" the in-between film or something. Despite this, the movie does seem to stand on its own to me... in its own certain way.

There are a certain number of Mystery Science Theater experiments that were all "written, produced, and directed" by the same guy, but this particular movie also happens to star the same person, with his son in a co-starring role. It involves the "legend" of a Bigfoot clone lopping the heads off of deer somewhere in Arkansas swamps, a legend investigated by a heroic yet smugly self-satisfied professor and his three students, ("So these three are all majoring in Boggy Creek studies?") one of whom spends much of the movie showing off his whisper-thin yet shirtless chest. ("Can I borrow a cup of shirt?") Everything seems to drag, including a scene where the creature approaches our heroes' pop-up camper while tracked on a Zenith microcomputer (which inspires quite a lot of late-1990s computing "riffs"), and then at last, delving ever further into the swamps, the movie reaches the cabin of Old Man Crenshaw, hairy and overweight and dressed solely in blue overalls held up by one strap. Crenshaw happens to have an injured "little creature," one attracting the parent creature until the professor holds a gun to Crenshaw's head and reunites the Boggy Creek one-parent family. The professor then boats back to civilization, reflecting via his near-constant voice-over narration that the Boggy Creek creature should be left an untroubled part of nature. On the other hand, Charles B. ("in over his head") Pierce did make this second movie...

As I've said, the movie does seem to drag at the start, which perhaps suggests that the "riffing" takes a while to warm up. It does seem to sharpen as the movie progresses, though, and the rural trash gets more rural and trashier and the city folk get either more out of their depth or more self-important. As such, it's a nice complement to a possibly more famous Mystery Science Theater experiment taking on northern rural trash, The Giant Spider Invasion.

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You can, and yet in reading MSTings I did start wondering if taking on a well-known movie makes it a little too easy to let "shared dislike" bubble out and leave things too mean to be really funny. But maybe I'm just especially annoyed today after learning that the new project of some of the Mystery Science Theater writers, where they record mocking "RiffTrax" to be synched up with official DVDs, is about to harsh on Revenge of the Sith, mentioned in annoying fashion... Somehow, hearing about the last two times they did that with Star Wars movies left me quite uninterested in checking out their current work.

I don't have much desire to check those Rifftrax out either. According to lp, the one on TPM was so harsh that even some MST3Kers were taken aback. IMO it just continues the PT-bashing feedback loop, and though that stuff doesn't get me angry like it used to, neither do I have much sense of humor about it, nor do I think I should be expected to.

Also, It's like the MST3Kers feel "obligated" to put out a Rifftrax on ROTS, kind of like the guys behind the Razzies felt "obligated" to give Hayden Christensen the "award" for Worst Supporting Actor for ROTS. Of course, PT-bashers always have an air of being so cool, edgy, and brave for bashing the prequels, even though we're also supposed to think everyone hates the prequels. How those two things jive is not something I've ever understood.

Sometimes, I wonder if even some of the bashers really hate the PT all that much, or if they just feel "obligated" to dis them because it's supposedly common wisdom that they suck. And I've seen many people offer a nugget of praise for one of the prequels, but practically trip over their own feet rushing to qualify it -- for instance, "That scene in AOTC where Yoda pulls out his lightsaber is a great moment." The next sentence, of course, is, "Too bad the rest of the movie sucked."

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