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I dipped into the latest issue of the "Star Wars Insider" when I spotted it on the newsstand, and noticed a little section on the new "Visual Guides" going up on the official site... and I couldn't help but remember that the last new guide appeared about two months ago now. Even so, for all the guides had script excerpts and plenty of behind-the-scenes information, I did wonder at times if they could go into too much detail. The guides contained annotated slide shows, and most of the annotations were devoted to naming seemingly every on-screen gadget and character (and occasionally characters who never appeared there, such as "Princess Leia's shooting instructor.") At times, it seemed to me to just about eliminate the need to "use your imagination," and the problem there was that, every once in a while, I had... for example, in a scene of captured Rebels being marched down a blockade runner hallway, there are two R2-type droids rolling in front of them. I had amused myself with the thought that they had also been taken captive, but according to the visual guide, they were Imperial droids to search the memory banks...

Of course, maybe I'm just being ungrateful. For all I know, these fiddly details have been worked out at the very highest levels, perhaps longer ago than I first thought too, and my objections are more or less akin to complaining "I always thought the backstory would be cooler!"... and perhaps I'm just paranoid enough to suspect, without proof, that focusing on the "trees" means missing the "forest" altogether. Too, I wondered at times if the behind-the-scenes details also in the slide shows bothered other people. Pointing out when the film had been reversed, defects in stormtrooper armour, and when different Artoos were being filmed may break the illusion of "documentary reality" for some, and leave them confronted with the unappealing sense of a frazzled film crew at work in England in 1976. Still, the competing thoughts do stick in my mind.

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