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“Soon to be an anime” announcements do catch my attention every so often, but “soon” is a relative term, and when the chance to watch those series arrive at last I seem lucky to feel a vague “I think I’ve heard about it” push towards picking up on them. However, two announcements close together on Anime News Network, both declaring manga series I’ve read in the last little while will get anime adaptations, did seem to pack a bit more impact than usual in their combination.

One word that jumps to my mind about Astra: Lost in Space is “sincere.” The science fiction story of a small group of teens-and-younger whose outer space field trip suddenly goes a lot further afield, but who manage to find an abandoned spaceship to make the long trip home, did get my attention just for seeming to be built around a positive, nonviolent future (although there are a few rather large revelations along the way back, even if one thing makes me wonder about waiting for the reactions of others out of the slight concern it might get watered down for broadcast). I suppose I did wonder at times about the science fiction “juveniles” I’d read when young, and considered again whether only starting to watch anime in university might have contributed to how long I’ve been able to keep watching it since then in that I’d already got older than typical teenaged casts. That the manga is complete might help the anime tell a complete story; I didn’t have quite the same suspicions of the story being “cut short” the way some others seemed to show.

To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts, although the manga is complete at least over here, has kept my interest as a dark action series, set in a land bringing to mind the American Civil War (if without the race problems woven into and around that conflict). That its main female character is tough in a demure way yet often sort of along for the ride as monstrous living weapons left over from the war are hunted down can feel a bit of a sticking point too, but again “depending on how it turns out” might give me something more to take interest in, if after a while of course.
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