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Amid the constant uncertainty whether its official translations would keep being released or I'd be reduced to hunting down "scanlations" (however stilted) should things leave off on an unsatisfying stopping point, I suppose Makoto Yukimura's Viking manga Vinland Saga getting an anime adaptation had been very far from my mind. Seeing a news item mentioning that was a fair surprise.

The studio mentioned in the notice that will be producing the adaptation seems to have built something of a pedigree in the last little while for works like this one, although I was able to remember old thoughts that "manga can go places anime can't" and balance an apparent counter-example with contemplations of just what might yet get toned down. Too, I'm wondering how far into the manga the production might get; I can imagine things could stop at the end of one plot arc fairly soon into the story, but it wouldn't be close to a happy ending. At the same time, though, I can at least be philosophical and think of other cases where, having started with the manga, I've left anime adaptations alone and been fine with that.

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