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A "three decades of Gunbuster" piece on the Anime News Network caught my attention; when it was brought to my attention again by being mentioned on my reading list I thought that much more about the Original Video Animation series. My "default anime icon," after all, does invoke it, even if that might also have to do with how, when I saw someone on a message board rotating through "anime meets the Powerpuff Girls" icons quite a few years ago and started saving them myself, the Gunbuster one just looked the most appealing in the end.

I first managed to see Gunbuster a bit ahead of it turning a mere decade old, when my university's anime club scheduled it as their latest "mecha series of the term." It had so happened I'd already heard about it, thanks to its having been used in a "parody Robotech fandub" mentioned in the FAQ I'd looked up just as I first went online a few years before, and that did add a small and private bit of amusement to that first encounter. There was, of course, a great deal else packed into those six episodes. I can admit, though, that so far as first reactions go my initial thought about the T-shirts-over-swimsuits piloting garb of the show's female characters was "ah, it's like Battletech, if of course better-looking; their mecha must overheat inside too." Noticing the male pilot who appeared a few episodes later wore a track suit was somehow unfortunately disillusioning. I suppose that since then I've grown to think the series more tongue-in-cheek and ready to allude to previous works than first impressions over here might have had it. (There's one thing I can think of that's only become "retro" since the OVAs were released, namely that the "science specials" setting down some background information use HyperCard stacks as their background.) This does draw on comments from some that a good many other people in the English-speaking anime fandom didn't really get that somewhat later production of Gainax, Neon Genesis Evangelion, was to be seen as commentary on all previous mecha series instead of just "something cool gone awry, to be 'fixed' by assorted absurd fanfics."

I do like Gunbuster, and perhaps in a way other than just "I saw it when less experienced and more impressionable." While the challenge "pick one single series to take to a desert island/the High Arctic/on a trip to Mars" might only make me think of something with more episodes, if I'm allowed to take "up to a certain amount" I'm sure I'd try and include it. At the same time, I'm a little conscious its invocation of "time dilation at relativistic speeds" doesn't feel quite as rigorous as some works of written science fiction appear (where it takes around a year of one-gravity acceleration to approach light speed and have the shipboard clocks really start running slower), which just might tie into my "don't take it with utter seriousness" feelings. Those feelings in turn might have helped me become comfortable with the just-after-the-millennium sequel-by-name, which at first glance looked that much more "of a disreputable time" for those who'd been around since the original. So far as marking the anniversary by actually watching the OVA again, though, I have to admit to thoughts of plugging it into a rather involved "rewatching project" for next year.

Date: 2018-10-07 11:31 pm (UTC)
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I have nothing to add. I simply love Gunbuster, as you well know. I always enjoy rewatching the series. A rewatch is overdue, but I'm super busy for the next few months.

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