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I'd felt a bit stung by a "RWBY anthology" manga, but instead of just swearing off the three volumes I supposed would follow I did go so far as to say I'd look into the next one in the bookstore and see if the art seemed any better. The chance for that showed up, and some quick page-flipping did have me thinking things looked a bit more appealing. As I bought the second volume, however, I still had a few thoughts things might feel unfortunately different in total...

All in all, though, the short pieces about the haughty heiress Weiss Schnee did seem more pleasant to get through than the last time around. I checked the table of contents afterwards to see not all of the pen names were the same (although the artist who'd provided the "four-panel strips" that had somehow looked particularly good among everything had returned). I did get to thinking, too, that Weiss has a bit more in the way of complications built into the most obvious levels of her character than Ruby, which makes it easier to make short pieces about her interesting. At the same time, aware of what details have been added to her character in the last two series made me aware of how the pieces stuck with what had been presented in the "first story arc," even if that sometimes included her competent and successful older sister Winter. With that in mind, I can at least hope the upcoming volume featuring Blake, who has a complicated past of her own, might also show some similar strengths (if requiring the same glance through beforehand), although I'm wondering about the volume featuring Ruby's brash older sister Yang.

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