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Well before my copy of the anime series Skip Beat! arrived as a Kickstarter pledge reward, I understood in a general way it was to be continued in the original manga and had started ordering that as well, in three-in-one collections to save a little money. By the time the set did arrive, I had thirteen of those thick volumes stacked up, and I will admit to a few thoughts there was the outside chance I might not like the series as much as those whose enthusiasm at the thought of it getting a release over here had first got my interest.

Fortunately, my first reactions were positive. I did wonder a bit whether the heroine Kyoko first being driven by anger over her emotions having been toyed with made her stand out to me among "shoujo protagonists," but there I have to face how I can't think of many series I've taken in lately I knew were first sold in "girls' audience" manga magazines. I do suppose Skip Beat stood out a bit just for being a shoujo manga adapted into anime.

Despite a few ambiguous thoughts midway through the anime that it looked a bit older and not quite as impressive as I'd thought "Blu-Rays" would that had me contemplating skipping to the manga early, I did get to the last episode. However, even with a coda where Kyoko tells herself she does seem on the mend emotionally in her developing acting career, it was obviously leaving off with the latest plot arc unresolved. Able to be merely amused by this, I took the first volume off my stack of manga and started reading.

I'd supposed the artwork in the manga would look more appealing to me than the anime's more mass-produced version wound up, and in general it did. Even so, I did get to thinking the male characters could look a a little odd; it had something to do with their chins when drawn from an almost front-on angle. (Very near the forty-volume mark, though, there was one somewhat older female character who had something of that odd-chinned look too.)

The story, anyway, continued on in the same generally appealing way as before, plot arcs and subplots showing up (one, introducing the extended family of Kyoko's fellow actor-in-training Moko, hadn't been included in the anime where some material following did) and being resolved. Able to get through the stacked-up volumes at a good clip (but always interspersing other series in between them to not oversaturate myself), it did feel a bit easier to keep up with what was happening than in series where I've got to the point where each new burst of collected chapters is followed by a long wait. As I reached the end of my pile, unable to find news of a fourteenth three-in-one collection I turned to the individual volumes available at my area bookstore, which took me all the way to forty. Getting through forty volumes of manga in a matter of months did have me remembering marking forty volumes of a somewhat easier-going series, read over rather more time.

However, this does leave me facing a long wait at last, and the fortieth volume left off on a cliffhanger with a new plot arc just getting under way. The story could go on quite a while longer; there was a steady impression of forward momentum in Kyoko's career and potential relationships, but right now to wrap things up would give a definite impression of an imposition from above. After so much so fast, I do hope I don't wind up getting to a further instalment of Skip Beat with a vague impression of secondary characters showing up from uncertain memories.

Date: 2018-08-10 12:57 am (UTC)
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Gosh. You're ahead of me. I'm halfway through volume 38. And it's been so long since I've stopped there, I'll probably have to start from that volume's beginning again. I love Skip Beat! I just can't fit everything into my schedule. And I figure it will keep, anyway. I slowly let volumes stack up, and then I binge read until I'm caught up. It's sooooo long between volumes, so there's no point in me rushing.

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