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Some imp of the perverse might have been driving me as I noticed an item on Satellite News that Rifftrax would be providing their own brand of commentary in a synch-it-yourself audio file timed to Rogue One. The odds seem minimal I'd ever listen to that track, given that Rifftrax having begun by "needling blockbusters" has kept me away from the "video files with pre-synched commentary featuring more MST3K-like B-to-Z-movies" they do mostly offer these days (although that in turn might have been an "I can't become utterly paralyzed with fear I might hear disparaging references I can't find funny" push to pledge to the MST3K revival Kickstarter). I looked at the comments, though, and one of the first ones was someone more or less saying "sure; Jyn is the Mary Sue Rey didn't turn out to be." Someone else riposted, and the comment "You don't know what a Mary Sue is" came up.

"I'm not sure anyone knows what a Mary Sue is" came to my mind at once, but I thought mere instants later throwing it in there would only stir up more trouble. Things were turning in my head all the same. Back when I was reading MSTings, it seemed easy enough to say I could "tell a Mary Sue when I saw one" (although terms like "self-insertion" and "author avatar" were almost interchangeable with it). Since then, though, I'm at least conscious throwing the term around can rile people. Even if it's as impossible to mark out definitive barriers as with any other bit of "creativity," however, I have perhaps moved from "a Mary Sue is a protagonist added to a story that already has one" to "when someone finds a protagonist-class character exceeds or belittles their story's own rules in the rush to be all-correcting, it becomes all too easy for them to use the term."

Beyond that, I'll admit it had already been tempting to wonder about finding some resemblances in Rey to the "male Mary Sues" MSTings did seem much readier to identify with the whole "stick around and perhaps there'll be an explanation of her having been 'preloaded' with Jedi powers" deal (along, perhaps, with the "I can't go anywhere; my family might come back any minute now" objection that might have amounted to her "internal obstacle to be overcome.") This might have tied into the grand proclamations of her being a new dispensation in female protagonists. (I can also admit the movie seeming to tear down the possibility of "compassionate foregiveness" to set up "fighting the bad guy" felt a bit like neglecting virtues sometimes associated with female characters, but perhaps that's already stepping into a minefield.) In remembering all of that, though, I thought at last that perhaps Jyn would then have connections drawn to "female Mary Sues" of the most classical variety in that she just might be seen as more of a locus of action around her than "the best agent in the story" with her father having helped build the Death Star and a first nucleus of Rebels rallying around her after she makes a speech. It's possible this was an artifact of the reshoots I've heard the movie was subjected to; its very first trailer had left me with the uninspired feeling she was being promoted as "a rebellion of one, so edgy even the good guys don't trust her." Having a particle of understanding of both sides might be something, although I'm conscious I still feel more likely to watch Jyn's movie again sooner than Rey's.

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