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Getting the news the latest official DVD collection of Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes was beginning to ship reminded me this is usually the time Shout! Factory announces what episodes are going to be included in the collection to follow. I headed off to Satellite News, and the announcement was indeed there.

Things will start off with "Stranded in Space," an unsuccessful TV series pilot from the 1970s that perhaps is remembered most of all for being forgettable, but which did perhaps have a skewed idea or two for me to chew on. "City Limits" brings James Earl Jones and Kim Cattrall together in a very 1980s kind of post-apocalypse. "The Incredible Melting Man" is an episode people have been speculating about being included in a set for a while what with Shout! Factory having released the gross-out body horror movie before, and as much as I have to admit to laughing nervously at the general gooiness and sort of shrugging off the "Best Brains" using the "host segments" to strike back at the studio executives meddling with "Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie" it can be funny. "Riding With Death" will close things out with a mellow 1970s Ben Murphy appearing in two episodes of a short-lived TV series stuck together with the limited aid of a recurring guest star, one collection after his 1980s appearance in the MST3K canon. Some people commenting on Satellite News seem that much more enthusiastic about this collection than I might appear to be, but even this far into the sets there are still memorable episodes showing up.

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