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We've made it to the end of another year, and once again I'm looking back to quote the first sentence from the first post of each month of my journal. There were times this year I followed some discussions on Twitter (broken into chunks and always ephemeral), other times I looked at Tumblrs (although the sense of recycling pictures someone else has made up without being able to actually discuss them does seem strong there), and other times I just daydreamed about the "proper" environs of Wordpress and Typepad, but with all the years piled up here it's not always easy to think about relocating. In any case, some of my first sentences were more elaborate than others...

January: It seems there's going to be one "Peanuts Every Sunday" volume each year to reprint the Sunday pages in colour.

February: Over the years, I've put some of my most notable links on a simple HTML page to serve as a "home base," but I don't visit every one of even those links every day.

March: Passing through the public library, I happened on a shelf of "non-fiction" DVDs, and when, going by the familiar Dewey decimal system, I saw how many discs on space exploration were there I took a closer look.

April: This year will mark thirty years since I first happened on Robotech on TV and became so interested in one story (even if certain people might put quotation marks around "one") told through animation that I eventually (if not nearly as fast as some) pieced together it hadn't been just a singular achievement from a vanished time and indistinct place; it'll also be twenty years since I went off to university and started going to the anime club showings there, primed by that old interest (even if I hadn't had the cash or the courage to seek out and watch more animation from Japan in my last years at high school) and ten years since the tempo of my purchasing anime DVDs picked up to where I wasn't taking breaks in between watching series.

May: Today's the day people say "May the Fourth be with you" to each other, but while I know that dates as far back as 1979 (and the use I saw recorded from back then wasn't as "fannish" as you might think) it does sort of feel a bit too much like a winking nudge in the ribs to me; there are, after all, several "anniversary days" later this month.

June: I often take a look at Satellite News a day or so before the latest episode to be re-discussed goes up on the top of the site, but this week there was a surprise.

July: Three months ago another new season of anime series was getting under way, but I didn't seem quite able to join in the general anticipation.

August: While I approve of a "Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Week," the "pick your favourite" nature of each day of it does more or less just get me thinking of how I always seem to steer clear of that, even if identifying something as "favourite" doesn't have to mean dismissing everything else as "not favourite."

September: With this year being the sixty-fifth anniversary of Peanuts and a major motion picture set to premiere, a variety of books are showing up too.

October: I was setting up to set down a pretty long and involved post when a simple anniversary I'd managed to miss for most of the day caught my attention at last.

November: There's a perpetual book sale table at my local bank branch.

December: With the Kickstarter for new Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes still ongoing (and I still haven't committed to making a contribution myself, even if my personal uncertainty about whether I'll feel fed up with cheap shots at familiar targets is starting to feel a little less severe than some of the angst a few other people are displaying), I'm checking Satellite News on a pretty regular basis.
See you in the new year!

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