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With the Kickstarter for new Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes still ongoing (and I still haven't committed to making a contribution myself, even if my personal uncertainty about whether I'll feel fed up with cheap shots at familiar targets is starting to feel a little less severe than some of the angst a few other people are displaying), I'm checking Satellite News on a pretty regular basis. On one check, though, there was a bit of news that wasn't about the Kickstarter. With the latest official DVD collection of existing episodes starting to ship, Shout! Factory has come through once more and provided the episodes to be included in the collection to follow it.

Things will start off with "Teenage Caveman" (along with the shorts "Aquatic Wizards" and the infamous "Catching Trouble"), which seems to have caught the attention of other people for being a movie by Roger Corman, the rights of which have seemed hard to acquire. We'll then plunge from the 1950s and suspiciously old "teenagers" to the 1980s (and college students, among other things) with "Being From Another Planet." After that, things will whipsaw back to the end of the 1950s and "12 to the Moon" (not to mention the memorable short "Design For Dreaming"), an episode I've been hoping for ever since movies by Columbia Pictures started appearing in these collections. To close things off, it'll be back to the 1980s in turn with "Deathstalker and the Warriors From Hell," that much more notable to me as far as cheesy movies from that decade in the Mystery Science Theater canon go. The new episodes may yet start filling out and making up future collections, but this one should be something to me to look forward to.

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