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While I approve of a "Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Week," the "pick your favourite" nature of each day of it does more or less just get me thinking of how I always seem to steer clear of that, even if identifying something as "favourite" doesn't have to mean dismissing everything else as "not favourite." However, that doesn't quite mean I've been watching the choices of other people go by, devoid of my own thoughts. When people happen to say Obi-Wan is their "favourite character" with the end of Revenge of the Sith at least included in their discussion, I start wondering again if I'd rather interpret him as something other than "the hero who did what had to be done," someone in fact a bit more "compromised." I can then wonder if it might be accused of "fictional character assassination" to shape and share the thought that to show up when he did in the final confrontation between Anakin and Padme was on some level trying to provoke his old apprentice to do something terrible in front of him, so that he could burn out the last bit of doubt that the person he'd known was gone...

Not every appreciative interpretation of Obi-Wan has to be seen as suspecting everything else in the new movies, of course, so I do keep wondering if I'm "trying to fold in too much complexity." If it ties in with "questioning the authority" he's often seen as in the old movies, there I can both suppose he could be "questioned" from just that one trilogy and wind up asking in a bigger way at what point you stop "questioning authority," or at least acknowledge the answer to your question can be to be convinced by them after all. Perhaps it's more a matter of wanting to indulge in a "tragedy" with no genuine heroes left by the end, something I don't do that often with tragedies at all. There, I suppose, it's a matter of the "happy ending" already existing. It is something I think about, anyway.

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