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I often take a look at Satellite News a day or so before the latest episode to be re-discussed goes up on the top of the site, but this week there was a surprise. Shout! Factory, its current collections of Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVDs working its way up into the thirties, has plans to reassemble the episodes from the very first DVD collection released by Rhino Home Video nearly thirteen years ago. Things lead off with "Catalina Caper," an experiment of sorts in "riffing" on "intentional comedy," then head into more familiar territory with "The Creeping Terror" (a particular favourite of mine that falls into the unintentional subgenre of "incompetent 1960s movies"), "Bloodlust!" (a knockoff of "The Most Dangerous Game" featuring suspiciously old "teenagers"), and "The Skydivers" (which does open the infamous "Coleman Francis trilogy," if with more levity and perhaps even competence than its followups).

I did manage to get a copy of the original collection before it went out of print, as with the rest of Rhino's collections (even managing to preorder the only briefly available set that included "Godzilla vs. Megalon"), but the news of a few additional features and the commercial-break leadins does get my attention. I did go so far as to buy Shout! Factory's version of "Manos: The Hands of Fate" with its new special features and carefully edited-together presentation of the short "Hired!" However, I do have the impression video glitches are starting to accumulate in the master tapes, and this set's packaging won't be quite as fancy as a regular set, so I am still also contemplating the simple truth that just because you don't "need" something you shouldn't refuse to consider how other people can take greater interest in it.

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