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Today's the day people say "May the Fourth be with you" to each other, but while I know that dates as far back as 1979 (and the use I saw recorded from back then wasn't as "fannish" as you might think) it does sort of feel a bit too much like a winking nudge in the ribs to me; there are, after all, several "anniversary days" later this month. However, today did seem to be a chance to bestir myself to watching the second teaser for The Force Awakens for just the second time.

I'd managed to hear the second teaser had been released while sitting in the airport waiting to fly to England, which is at least a memorable setting. Beyond engaging a Youtube embedded video in a less than perfect presentation for an iPad screen, though, I guess the heavy use of "new Imperials" and continued coyness about just what the sort of story the pointed emphasis on presumably nostalgic visuals might be used in the service added up to something other than the overwrought reactions I heard of second or third-hand. Even when I'd got back from vacation and had access to a bigger screen, the urge to watch the video again still seemed elusive.

On finally watching the teaser for a second time, though, I did seem more charitable towards the whole thing. I've been reminded that having given the new Star Wars movies a chance shouldn't mean preparing to reject some even newer ones out of hand. If the second trailer for JJ Abram's Star Trek was where things started feeling sort of "off" for me, this didn't seem quite so extreme. Against that, however, does remain the thought that with a continuation in comic books and a continuation in novels and comics having both been relegated to "retired" status, it may not be that hard to let a continuation in film remain "another possibility" as I wonder if I'll ever know just was in those ideas that George Lucas had when Lucasfilm was sold but which weren't used in the end.

Date: 2015-05-05 09:15 pm (UTC)
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Yeah, I'll always wonder what were Lucas's plans for these characters and the general direction as a whole.

Date: 2015-05-06 12:59 am (UTC)
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"The Making of The Force Awakens" might be a very interesting book, at least in its opening chapters. What I'm not sure about is whether things being "spun" to say "of course a new story had to be made up" or just a careful vagueness would be more troubling. Of course, there's still the possibility there might yet be a "really, you jumped to conclusions" official explanation...

(And I do have to say on a different topic that it is nice to know other people are still noticing this journal, even if I know I could be actively hunting for friends, here and on Dreamwidth.)

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