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It seems there's going to be one "Peanuts Every Sunday" volume each year to reprint the Sunday pages in colour. I took my time reading through the latest one, managing to finish it just before leaving for Christmas vacation; as it was another large volume, though, I decided to leave it behind and summarize it in the new year. There was a bonus this time around as compared to the first, an extra year's worth of pages; it ought to mean the pages will be divided up a bit more logically going forward. The five years covered in this volume did sort of strike me on reading as the strip's "ramp-up," its transition from a comic strip focusing on precocious kids to the philosophical phenomenon of the 1960s. Then, of course, I did a bit of looking and discovered that Charles M. Schulz had won his first Reuben award, given by his fellow artists, in 1955.

In any case, the characters grow out of their "squat" phase over the first years of this volume; Snoopy lengthens out still further, then starts to compact in on himself (and, occasionally, to stand, walk, and dance on his hind legs). Linus changes from "the little kid" to more or less an equal of his older sister and Charlie Brown (he also begins waiting for the Great Pumpkin, and his security blanket changes from something he drags around to something more versatile yet essential). Sally in turn shows up as a baby in a stroller (the roundness of her own head is apparent to start with), and just gets to the crawling stage by the end of the volume. Every so often there are a short sequence of pages building on each other, two or three weeks long. The colouring continues to look nice (and distinct from the elaborately recoloured Sunday pages run online several years ago now), but I suppose that after being able to compare the very first page in the first volume against a picture of a clipping and seeing it had been recoloured I do wish there would be a note in the book about where the colours come from. In any case, while the back of the dust cover has Lucy, Charlie Brown, and Linus in their familiar colours from the animation this is recoloured from the actual panel in the book itself; while Linus very often wears a red shirt Lucy's often in a yellow dress (and there are times in turn when Charlie Brown has a blue shirt). I'd also been thinking ahead of time of a page where Schroeder shows Lucy some pictures taken on a trip to Europe; it turned out his family took colour film with them, one of several surprises to do with colour effects in this volume.

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