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Found via [ profile] dragonscholar, who got it from [ profile] filkertom's journal, I pass on a series of images of Star Wars reinterpreted in "steampunk" style. The designs are pretty fun and the art's well-done, but I'm afraid to admit there was one aggravating moment for me, when the description of Han Solo and Chewbacca had a brief mention of the many, many potential threats Han had blown away. Having broken a tooth a few days ago, I knew to refrain from teeth-grinding, instead winding up contemplating a certain small proof of how George Lucas had become worried about certain interpretations of Han... only to find that instead of accepting a suggestion with perhaps a note of criticism for the imperfect method of getting it across, those certain people just clung to it all the more desperately.

To try and close on a less controversial note, while I've been amused by "steampunk" visions in the past, I also find myself wondering about other forms of "retro futures." Having read a good number of science fiction stories from the 1940s and space travel predictions from the 1950s, I daydream about whole SF worlds created in the modern day but in which the intrepid space travelers do all their calculations on slide rules because the vacuum tubes in their radios burn out too quickly... to be called "tubepunk," of course.

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