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As I prepared to close out this year's trip through the Star Wars movies, I was thinking about the best way to not just set down one final "personal theory" but also to explain it. Right at the start of Revenge of the Sith, though, I happened to think of something I might have conceived of but not put too much thought into before, the idea that "the kidnapping of Palpatine was a small commando operation; all the other Separatist forces stayed in space."

This thought springs from the old "drawn animation" Clone Wars series shown just before the movie premiered. It had a big "Jedi powers" battle down on Coruscant, but threw in the realization by Yoda and Mace Windu that with no attempt being made to attack the Senate or the Jedi Temple there had to be another target. I suppose this ought to have been reasonable, and yet the commentaries included with the DVD made the point that the planet "should" have been more messed up in the movie itself. Perhaps I'm reacting to an impression of "we'll just fix this problem that never occurred to them."

In any case, I'm done for this year, but I'm wondering about the next. Regardless of when or how I manage to see the first promised trailer for The Force Awakens, by the fall of next year I'm sure we'll be pretty far into the runup for the first of "the new new Star Wars movies," and at the moment I'm still holding myself capable of accepting it as "a continuation" or not. I can also still engage in the luxury of saying "time will tell."

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