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As the number of Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes I still had left to rewatch and comment on began to seem more important than the number I'd already posted about, the thought of being finished, of freeing up the time I spent watching that particular show and writing about it (even if it's just to watch other, perhaps less "cheesy" movies) began to appeal to me. There was another side to that, though, and that would be not being able to post to my journal about it, and not having to post about other things just to try and keep from dwelling on one uninterrupted topic. Livejournal friends lists seem less busy than they used to be, and I haven't really built up my Dreamwidth reading list yet, so perhaps the thought of adding to that by subtraction does affect me... but having heard "those who make a big deal of going offline don't, and those who do just sort of fade away," I'm at least ready to hope I may have things to post about in the future.

In any case, I have an unopened official collection of Mystery Science Theater DVDs that I decided to leave for later when it began to seem I could be finished this year, and there'll be another collection coming out soon. The thought that the "ultimate project" would be to watch everything in order has also come to me, but there I suppose I'm concerned I would find it tough going getting through uninterrupted eras of the show.

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