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Some time has passed since the announcement of the sale of Lucasfilm, and it does seem that people have been digesting the news and putting on their hopeful faces. Much of what's been said is better than I could seem to think of, but one odd thought did come to me in contemplation of the speculation about "Episode VII," and the whole deal with lining up at theatres, a sort of "hasn't this already happened..." Then, I remembered the Clone Wars theatrical premiere, a mere three years and change after the last live-action movie, with the simple realisation the seventh Star Wars movie already exists.

Clone Wars is chugging along, but its theatrical release didn't make a lot of money from everything I can remember. Is this, then, just a note of warning (especially given that this time the simple distinction between "live action" and "animation" can't be tossed off), or does it somehow demonstrate resiliency after all? Perhaps "frenetic action" or "a peculiar premise" will spring to mind for the critical. Still, just as the Clone Wars movie let Ahsoka win me over and also provided the pleasant surprise Padme wasn't going to be let out, there may be positive points for those who actually try and look for them.

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