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In between series and with enough time to watch a movie, I decided to indulge myself and open one of the anime features in my backlog instead of choosing something live-action. I wound up picking Roujin Z, which I've heard a bit about over the years. A story about a feeble elderly man stuck into a computerised caretaking bed (with probably inevitable escalations from there) does sound "different from the norm," to say nothing of the satirical social commentary.

I suppose it didn't take long to figure out Mr. Takazawa wasn't the obvious protagonist of the story, but in some ways I might have been surprised there was a protagonist at all (instead of just a bunch of people reacting to the goings-on) in the form of his young nurse Haruko. The elderly computer hackers who manage to get involved were a bit more of a surprise, and an interesting one. There were further interesting character developments, human or not.

In some odd way, once I'd got past the typical thoughts about "ah, for the days of original anime features" I wasn't thinking about the age of the movie at all. Its "subdued" character designs might have kept it from "dating on sight," but its being set almost in "the real world," as opposed to some form of future, could have helped there too. I might not be as quick as some to draw on an awareness of creators, needing to look up afterwards that Katsuhiro Otomo wrote the script and Satoshi Kon had an early credit in his career (although it was something of a surprise to see Carl Macek credited with sound effect work), but the movie was a good experience all the same.

Date: 2012-06-13 03:02 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] thrush
I recall reading about this but I have yet to actually see it. It sounds intriguing!

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