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Aware of the tenth anniversary of Attack of the Clones coming up, I was perhaps also reflecting a little that during the tenth annivesary of The Phantom Menace (back in my mind not that long ago, too) I was off on vacation and didn't bother to "set down some thoughts" then. I'm also sort of aware, though, how long I've been managing to keep this journal running in that I was able to post something back for the fifth anniversary... and looking back at it, I did wonder if what I said then would apply just as well now. Even if my thoughts haven't developed that much, though, for a willingness to "accept" to have endured does seem like something.

I can suppose Attack of the Clones was the last Star Wars movie I seemed "alone" for, but even in a gloomy and isolated mood, fearful actual exposure to the other Star Wars movies would somehow crack what the bad moods of just about everyone else made me worry might be outright "denial," my interest in it began to pick up during the release of its four trailers (including the one my brother had to have the DVD for The Phantom Menace loaded in his computer to download). As the premiere approached, I can remember sort of flipping back and forth between "hey, wouldn't it be something if the stormtroopers with the odd helmets were actually fighting for the Republic?" and "that has to be getting my hopes up too high..." As with The Phantom Menace, perhaps, even the first frenzy to attack the movie might have inoculated me against allergic reactions of my own; I somehow had the impression I wasn't supposed to "object" to any of the romantic scenes past the "first kiss," and one of the biggest jolts to my system might have been the opening crawl itself that mentioned Padme as a "former" queen. Even if I'd still been staying clear of the message boards actually devoted to Star Wars convinced they'd just be an amplification of the hostility packed into "off-topic" comments elsewhere, I had drawn some measure of sustenance from Fernwithy's stories with their emphasis on Amidala being Queen... It does still seem significant to me in any case (even if there might be a little bit of a "rejoinder" there) that the opening-night audience seemed as enthusiastic as any Star Wars audience I've been in.

In reflecting on it, I suppose I might say that if my opinions have altered it just might be a matter of my interest in The Phantom Menace deepening and becoming more confident to the point where it just might begin to overshadow Attack of the Clones. I suppose that even before that, whatever brief thoughts I might have had of it being "a new beginning" had been squashed under the trampling feet of a great deal of mud-throwers. It's also just possible the Revenge of the Sith designs being worked into Clone Wars have also had an effect there. Still, there's something to being "part of a whole" too.

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