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I was pleased to hear my copy of the latest Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVD collection had shipped, but as always happens right around that time I started wondering when, and if, Shout! Factory would announce another set to follow. It always seems a question to me if they'll eventually find it difficult to license another four movies.

However, I checked Satellite News just today and saw the latest good news. It also turns out I've already commented on all four of the promised episodes, which leaves me to contemplate how I took a sort of holiday from pushing through the shrinking number of titles not on my list just because I had thoughts one of the discs in the latest collection "didn't have to be saved for last." With most of the "Sandy Frank episodes" recently released, I had hopes "Fugitive Alien" and "Star Force: Fugitive Alien II" might follow to complete the set, and they're being included as a double dose of chopped-down Star Wars-like action. We're also being treated to "The Sword and the Dragon," another outing in the "Russo-Finnish" vein and what seems at least one of my favourites there, and "Samson vs. the Vampire Women," in which a Mexican wrestler casually steps forward to the aid of regular Mexican people and TV's Frank ascends to "Second Banana Heaven." All in all, it should be a set to look forward to.

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