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In the last little while, I've noticed a number of empty stores in the small shopping mall one of my grocery stores is attached to. I suppose that has to speak for itself, but it bit a little harder today when I saw a sign in the window of the mall's Coles bookstore that it would be closing soon and referring everyone to the big-box Chapters bookstores. It was another one of those "it should have been seen coming" things, as I had noticed the shelves had been looking a little emptier of late, but after a remaindered bookstore within walking distance also closed not that long ago I suppose it makes me wonder about my neighbourhood.

I also have to suppose I have my own small share of blame too: I would drop into the bookstore on my way to the grocery store, but didn't often see things there I wanted to buy, indulging my specific tastes with trips to Chapters or further afield. The books I can remember having got there may take on a little more importance to me, though, and I suppose a small stop-motion video set in an independent bookstore that was featured in the news just yesterday also has its own increased significance...

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