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It took me a long time to watch all the episodes in the first season DVD set of Clone Wars, in large part because after the first episode I felt compelled to say something about a sense the little documentary attached to it was playing up connections to the old Star Wars movies at the possible expense of acknowledging the new movies, and I sort of went from there. I got through that first season set just in time to start watching the fourth season, and wondered more than a little bit how long it would take to watch the second season I'd had sitting in its shrink wrap for quite a while already. When the fourth season left off for a holiday break, though, I opened up the second season set, and discovered there isn't a little documentary in it. In some ways, that might even be for the best, but still found myself with thoughts about the "opening arc."

When I had seen them for the first time, something about the "Holocron episodes," some combination of "Holocrons," "Dark Side spies," and a "previous visit to Mustafar," left me with the nagging feeling they were somehow "EU-flavoured." It might be completely unfair, of course, especially given how I haven't read for a decade the Star Wars novels that seemed to define the "Expanded Universe." There might be some irony there, too, in how certain people would soon be complaining about Clone Wars playing hard and fast with things set down in previous novels. In any case, the middle episode "Cargo of Doom" seemed to have the fewest nods back and might have appealed to me the most (although all the things packed into "Children of the Jedi" left me with a strange sense of amusement, as certain other episodes have done), and the little documentary that was attached to the three episodes didn't leave me with mixed feelings. While I can see myself wishing for creator comments on some of the episodes to come in the set, keeping my reactions my own and getting through the set faster also has its own appeal.

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