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As I awaited the start of the weekend and getting to pick up my copy of the latest official Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVD set, I suppose I was wondering if Shout! Factory would once again get around to announcing the titles of another collection, or if their invariant pattern had at last begun to vary as they ran out of episodes they were able to license. Then, just at that crucial moment, I happened to see the announcement. More than just keeping up the pattern, once again the upcoming set manages to include some episodes I haven't commented on yet. "King Dinosaur" falls into the subgenre of "astronauts visiting a new planet," but stands out to me for more than just certain memorable things about the movie by including the first "educational" short the series tackled, "X Marks the Spot." I've commented on "The Castle of Fu Manchu" and "Code Name Diamond Head" (which includes a memorable short of its own), but I haven't got around to "Last of the Wild Horses." One of the few Westerns the series featured, it happens to include a glimpse of a "mirror universe" for the show, although one that's more a direct parody of Star Trek's "Mirror, Mirror" than anything else. Still, it's a collection for me to look forward to with interest.

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