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I decided to go to the local electronics superstores on Saturday and do a little comparison shopping for the Star Wars Blu-Ray set, to see if anyone had a "first weekend sale" that matched the "no longer a preorder" price on My first stop was Wal-Mart, even though I knew it was a bit more expensive there than online. There was a display rack near the entrance, but no "saga collection" sets left in it. Wondering a bit about that, I headed to Future Shop and realised from the store flyer that the first weekend's price matched the online price. With possibilies beginning to glimmer in my mind, I headed further inside and saw a large Imperial Walker display stand... but again, completely empty save for a few "individual trilogy" sets. I suppose I took a tiny measure of satisfaction in that the set was selling fast, especially after the online frenzy of certain people about how this latest set of slightly revised movies would surely mean "the death of Star Wars." In asking a clerk if there were any more copies, though, I managed to wind up asking for a "rain check" to be able to still get the sale price on Monday, when more sets were supposed to arrive.

Heading back to Future Shop after work, I saw the display stand completely restocked, and before long I had a Blu-Ray set of my own... and still nothing to watch it on. While I've managed to collect a few Blu-Ray discs already, they were all sold along with DVDs, and I suppose the thought of buying an HDTV when I have a standard definition set still working well has never appealed to me. Too, I can wonder about the anime message boards I frequent that are always finding fault with North American releases, whether not up to visual or audio standards or just with subtitles that blend into the animation. As for importing from Japan, as some people make a big deal of, I keep thinking that when those sets do happen to include English subtitles they're still pretty expensive.

Odd thoughts of whether a Blu-Ray player can display a standard-definition picture are now sort of bouncing through my head. Even so, I suppose I've still offered my own "vote of confidence" in Star Wars, although it may not have been as "essential" as it might have seemed just a little while before.

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