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Once again, it's "Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Day," and once more I seemed a little too busy getting back into a regular gear after a vacation (and thinking ahead to an impending visit) to actually watch any of the movies. (At the moment, I can't very well say I'm "waiting for the Blu-Rays," as I don't have any of the hardware I would need to watch them and right now I'm not quite compelled to go and look for it.) I did, though, at least manage to listen to a soundtrack, and spent a little time meditating on my own submission for "What I Love About the Prequels."

After the initial post on the topic seemed to say things well, I did sort of narrow what I might say down to "the new movies emphasize an interpretation of the saga that, even if it focuses on a few characters centred around one individual, seems more rewarding than thinking the 'original trilogy' is about the sweep of a galactic war but winding up complaining the final on-screen battle would have been 'cooler' with an army of primitive Wookiees." (When I put it that way, there's something familiar about my suspicion that people built up their discontentment just on allergic reactions to the comedy relief...) I suppose, though, I have wondered if that still somehow makes the new movies seem secondary to the old. At the same time, though, thoughts about "spelling things out" are balanced against wondering about those who never quite seemed able or willing to "put things together" in 1999 and understand the insidious plots under the surface, so maybe there's still the potential for the willingness to explore. (I wouldn't, in any case, suggest we need a "sequel trilogy" to spell a new set of things out...)

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