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I checked my post office box today, and while I hadn't quite been expecting it, it turned out the concluding volume of the Dairugger XV anime had arrived at last after months and months of unexplained delays. I suppose that, happening at the very tag end of Media Blasters releasing Voltron on DVD, I had kept wondering beforehand if something was going to happen, as when they delayed the second half of GaoGaiGar, and I wasn't that happy when it did seem to be happening, but things seem to be turning out all right. Through some accident of history, I seem to remember "the other Voltron" more than the one everyone else does (and whose original anime series was released beforehand), as much as I can wonder if the slight "fairy tale in space" overtones of Golion made it more unique than Dairugger's "space exploration turns into warfare" plot. (At times, I wonder if Voltron could be simplified as combining a Star Wars-like anime with a Star Trek-like one...)

There was also a little envelope in my post office box, though, one I wasn't quite sure about. I did open it, though, and discovered that the Science Fiction Book Club has gone bankrupt in Canada and I still have to pay for my last order from them. Thoughts about book clubs being obsolete in an online shopping age did occur to me, but after a decade of ordering from them and picking up some interesting volumes along the way it's still sort of a blow. As well, I'm conscious of how I'm not quite keeping up with news about written science fiction these days, and wondering just where to go from here.

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